• Research & Development

  • EKONFAUCET regards R&D as the key to the perpetual operation and the foundation stone that reinforce your confidence in our company’s products. Both Taiwan and China R&D teams constantly look for new technologies to develop cutting-edge products with our customers that would strengthen our capabilities and competitiveness. Moreover, we apply moldflow analysis to simulate tooling development process to achieve project control and project management purpose in order to make tooling in house. It is for us to be competitive through project success and product differentiation.

  • Manufacturing & Facilities

  • EKONFAUCET operation is a complete manufacturing system from raw material to final product in perfectly. By continuous effort and expansion, we are competitive in machining performance because of abundant equipments and techniques back up for the production, such as the gravity casting process, Zinc alloy die casting process, CNC machinery, and so on. As a specialized management team we continue to advance our abilities to fulfill you any requirement.

  • Foundry and Casting

  • EKONFAUCET operates a stable foundry with the gravity casting process. The gravity casting technology is highly adaptable to the requirements of mass production and gives cost effective cost effective advantages to customers. Meanwhile, zinc alloy die casting also shows outstanding ability of shock attenuation and vibration absorbability. In general, the tooling of zinc alloy is not only long life but also cheap. From fundamental product operations, it assures the shapes and specifications which meet customers’ needs and wants.
  • CNC machinery

  • Mechanical processing is implemented by CNC machinery. It is easy and highly precise to build cutting program to reach any kind of shapes, dimensions and specifications. Reliability and valuable are our ways to customers.
  • Polishing and Electroplating

  • Different dimensional hardware and casting are polished by a great deal of equipments with sand belts and grinding polishing machines. After the surface finishing, the coating lines are equipped with automatic and developed accessories. There is a separated plant built for the electroplating purpose specially. The automatic electroplating system is successful with its flawless and professional performance including chrome plating, brush-nickel plating, PVD finishing, and so on.

  • Assembly line

  • Wealth of knowledge and familiarity with operations enable maximizing efficiency and potentiality on our assembly lines. As a specialized management team we continue to develop more abilities to fulfill upcoming flourish in the future.